Mobile / Computer Repair

Is your Mobile or personal computer or laptop broken? Our repair team can fix damaged screens, broken hinges, CD drives and charging ports. We also upgrade memory or storage space as well as upgrading software to the latest available on the market.

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Security & CCTV

With the technology we have today, we can sleep better at night knowing that our system is in place watching your valuable possessions. Even while you are at work the CCTV systems are always online with alerts making you aware of what is happening. Our security specialist make sure that you are protected at all times.

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Training & Tuition

Do you need help creating an email address, E-bay account, Paypal setup, typing up a  Microsoft Word document??? You will find a friendly and inviting atmosphere where you will be amazed at what can be learnt in just a 30 or 60 minute session.

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Since 1993

About Us

We are an independent repair shop with many years of experience in Northwood. We are very proud to have achieved a high GOOGLE star rating due to very favourable customer feedback and support. We pride ourselves on honest customer service and advice. Our customers trust us.

At Express mobile phones we provide prompt, professional and reliable services for your mobile phones, tablets and laptops including screen repairs, software, unlocking, charging issues, battery replacement and many more.